You have teams and individuals that could be more engaged and productive... But traditional approaches haven’t worked.

The environment and economy have changed. It’s a daunting task to attract and retain not just qualified, but engaged and motivated employees. It seems that the gulf between employee expectations and corporate needs is un-navigable.

When it comes to job opportunities, employees realize they have options and are poised to take advantage of them. According to GALLUP, over half (51%) of employees say they are actively looking or watching for openings.1

Additionally, 60% of employees say they want to be in a role where they can ‘do what they do best’ and 53% say that greater work life balance and personal well being is ‘very important’ to them.2

Can you afford to lose some of your best people?

Fundamentally, though, what your employees want is not opposed to what you need. They want to be productive, to enjoy what they do, to collaborate and be solution focused and work on the things that will make a difference. They want to feel connected to their job, their manager and to the company culture.

You CAN create a productive, enjoyable, collaborative and solution-focused work environment. Full Circle Coaching can help increase engagement and satisfaction in your organization by:

  • Working with you and the team to understand what’s going well, what is just OK and what needs to be improved
  • Identifying the real and perceived causes of stress and disconnect in the team
  • Uncovering the individual or team expectations that are contributing to dissatisfaction and disengagement
  • Understanding and acknowledging how corporate and individual values are impacting the work environment
  • Developing team and/or individual plans that shift perspectives from being antagonist to being focused on positive teamwork, collaboration and communication

Several options are available for Coaching at the organizational level to increase engagement, satisfaction and productivity: