Take Control & Get Moving

You are tired of feeling directionless and more than ready for a change…But it is overwhelming to figure it on your own.

Fatigue, impatience, anxiety, anger, insomnia, migraines, acid reflux….all signs of stress.

Everyone has it. It’s normal. It’s the price we pay for success. Right?

Wrong!! It is the price we pay for not being in control…For allowing ourselves to be on autopilot for too long…For giving our power away.

This is how you got stuck, by focusing all your energy on what needs to get done now assuming the future would take care of itself.

Well it hasn’t.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Imagine this:

You wake up feeling energized and excited for the day ahead. You make the kids banana pancakes, their favorite and still get to work on time.

Your day is filled with the usual array of back to back meetings and deadlines AND you still feel confident and in control of the pace and of your day. You are excited and energized by the last conversation with your boss where you gained clarity on your goals and now have what you need to prioritize your work. Everything is falling into place for a promotion in the next review cycle. Your team is humming along nicely, collaborating, taking initiative and delivering on time.

When you get home you have the energy to be truly engaged with your family, not just make an empty gesture. You even left the phone in the car while you watched your son’s soccer game; a first for you! You feel fulfilled, on track, confident and at ease at home and at work.

This is NOT a fantasy. You can have YOUR version of this dream by learning how to respond to your life, rather than react to it, so that you get what you want most …a fulfilling career and a happy home life.

The Take Control and Get Moving package consists of 12 one on one coaching sessions lasting 50 minutes each. The Full Circle Coaching process provides the structure and process to help you really define the specifics of what you want, and don’t want, in your dream life, so that you can wake up each day feeling in control and energized to get moving! During our time together we’ll work through four steps:

Step 1 Uncover Your Drivers Step 2 Define Your Dreams Step 3 Discover Your Opportunity Step 4 Create Your Dream Life
We’ll work to understand the fundamental beliefs that are driving your behavior. The ‘why’ behind the choices you make. Next we’ll dive into the values that make you, YOU. These are your motivators and what makes you tick. You’ll come away with a clear picture of why you struggle to make space for play and what it means to you to prioritize work so highly. We’ll work on clearly defining what work life ‘balance’ means to you. What it feels like, what it looks like.
Then we’ll dive into the specifics of the job that fits into your vision of work life balance. You will have a clear picture of what you want at home and at work and how they can work together.
This is a straight up gap analysis. What do you have compared to what you want? How far apart are they really? This will show you the reality of where you are and give you a clear picture of where to go. Together, we’ll craft a specific and tangible action plan to shift your beliefs, behaviors and choices so that they support your new vision of work life harmony.
You’ll have a roadmap of how to create the life and career that, until now, you’ve only dreamt about. 4

Are you ready to stop feeling burned out, guilty, overwhelmed and frustrated? Are you ready to be fully engaged and live your dream life? Are you ready to get back on track?

Contact me today to discuss your situation further and see if we are a good fit. We will schedule a 30 minute free consultation to see how best for you to move forward.

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