Find Direction

You know you are off track, at home and at work…. but don’t know where to start first.

You are a person that has a lot of balls in the air at any given time. You are just not which priority needs your attention at the moment. How do you know what to do first? Where do you start? The Find Direction assessment gives you that starting point.

It shows you which parts of your life and career are most out of alignment with where you want them to be. Armed with this knowledge you can choose where you want to start to bring things back into alignment, back in balance, back on track.

You’ll complete before we meet. During our 50 minute debrief we’ll review your responses and identify the specific areas of your life and career that are not on track. We’ll then hone in on the single most important area for you to make change in.

At the end of our session you will: Have 2-3 specific, tangible actions you will take tomorrow to make change in your chosen area so that you begin to feel balance coming back into your life Be confident in your ability to take these actions. You will KNOW that you can do it.

Fill out the form below for more information about the Find Direction Session: Cost $49