Full Circle Coaching’s approach is based on the melding of my 30 years of corporate ‘submersion’, 17 years of yoga studies and application (and counting) and iPEC Core Energy training.

Yvette Costa

As a former successful biotech sales and marketing executive I developed strategies and tactics to optimize product sales and increase selling skills. I was successful by every measure…financially, title, and influence.

With all of that, I always felt empty, a bit lost and as if I was ‘missing’ something, in life and in myself. I use the word ‘submersion’ above because that is how it felt…. submerged, always underwater, engulfed and swallowed by my job.

This is what I hear from many of my clients.

That is when yoga came to me, literally….one day there was a flyer on my car for a free yoga class. I went….and have not stopped practicing and studying ever since. I wanted to bring yoga’s gifts to others, so I earned my teaching certificate and went on to obtain my Yoga Therapy credentials.   What I found however is that yoga is seen only as a physical practice in this country. It’s true benefits however are actually gained by the mind in how it shifts perspective about life. It was this gift I wanted to bring to people. So, I sought out other ways to help people to find more ease and contentment in life and that is when I found Coaching.   I began to research coaching programs. iPEC’s Core Energy Coaching process stood out to me as a common sense way to help people. It doesn’t label you or put you in a defined and constraining box. It shows you who you are and how you show up. It offers you the choice of continuing in that way or making shifts. It is in your control to impact your life in any way that you choose. I believe this process puts the power where it belongs, with the individual. This coaching approach mirrored my own approach when I was a corporate leader.

When I was coaching my team as an executive leader I found that the greatest strides were made by those that embraced the coaching process and owned how they were impacting their careers. They took control, directed their power and made great shifts in their mindsets, acquired the needed skills and saw their careers flourish. I believe that coupling my corporate coaching experience with iPEC’s Core Energy approach is the most effective way I can help people get on and stay on track with their careers and personal lives.

Coaching helps people understand what they want, uncover what is holding them back and develops a roadmap to get there. This clear, direct, practical and solution oriented approach resonates with me. The appeal of helping people find their way, understand themselves more fully and be happier in their lives is what drew me to coaching.  

My goal is to help my clients be more satisfied, productive, engaged, and balanced in all aspects of their lives. I help my clients to unleash their potential, to let go of what is holding them back and be the best they can be.